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Running Philosophy Day 4: Nothing is Ever Perfect

I find myself internally nagging, even when I should be feeling great (perhaps this should is part of the problem). It seems deeply ingrained to find problems with the present moment, with how things are.

It's as if there's an internal "should," an internal ideal that I place over reality like a grid. When reality's crooked lines and imperfections don't match up with the straight lines of my grid, discomfort arises.

No situation is ever perfect, and perhaps that's exactly why everything is perfect. Nothing needs to be changed; there is no "should," and I will never be anywhere else but here.

I realize this, yet I seem quick to forget it. But then again, that's okay too.

This also happens during races or training. When things don't go as I imagined, I suffer twice: once through the pain of what's happening and again through the suffering of judging it. I might slip during a trail race and wish it hadn't happened, calculating the potential time lost.

Perhaps it's time to embrace the imperfection of it all. After all, the unexpected twists and turns make the journey interesting.

Disclaimer and notes on this series:

This blog series is a collection of my musings on philosophy as it relates to my passion for running. It's not a how-to guide or a set of rules. These are just my daily thoughts and questions, not my final answers.

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