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Running Philosophy Day 3: Our Resistance Reveals Our Lack of Freedom: Awareness vs. Reacting

Just as pain during a run unveils hidden issues like tight hips or poor form, our resistance to life's challenges often exposes areas where we lack freedom.

By becoming aware of our resistance, we can shift towards a more natural way of being, addressing issues before they escalate into major obstacles.

In life, this means paying close attention to our thoughts and feelings. When we react to something someone said, instead of blaming the other person, we can turn our gaze inward.

The intensity of our resistance is often a measure of our attachment or insecurity.

In running, this might translate to how tightly we cling to our identity as runners when perhaps that role doesn’t serve us at that moment.

Similarly, our resistance to criticism can reveal where we are insecure.

However, the challenge lies in not overreacting to and overthinking every little discomfort.

The key is to distinguish between awareness and reactivity.

While awareness involves noticing our resistances without judgment, reactivity entails getting caught up in negative emotions and blame.

This topic is certainly one I will revisit multiple times.

Disclaimer and notes on this series:

This blog series is a collection of my musings on philosophy as it relates to my passion for running. It's not a how-to guide or a set of rules. These are just my daily thoughts and questions, not my final answers.

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