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Running Philosophy Day 7: Being in the Present Moment

One of the reasons I find myself drawn to trail running is because it provides me with the perfect mix to feel present for a good amount of time.

The mountains, the forest, and the need to be focused on the trail create the ideal environment to experience a sense of flow, or flow state, as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi termed it.

Perhaps it is the lack of present moments outside of training that creates this desire for flow, since daily worries and past memories take up so much of my mind space. However, these distractions can even sneak into my training.

I often find myself worrying about what I still have to accomplish at work later that day or the next day.

I have not found a perfect solution, but being aware of these thoughts helps me get back to what I am doing in the moment faster.

Embracing the present and letting go of intrusive thoughts is an ongoing practice, but it makes each trail run a more fulfilling experience.

Disclaimer and notes on this series:

This blog series is a collection of my musings on philosophy as it relates to my passion for running. It's not a how-to guide or a set of rules. These are just my daily thoughts and questions, not my final answers.

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